Peculiar Paraphernalia (a peek into the contents of stripper suitcases)

In every industry, there are distinct tools-of-the-trade: A doctor has his stethoscope and white coat. A carpenter has his hammers, nails, tape measure and the like. A convenience store clerk has his keys, time card, and the customary shotgun under the counter, of course. Well have you ever wondered what’s hidden beneath the typical? What the doctor has in the pockets of that white coat, or what the carpenter is stashing in any one of those compartments on his belt? Well, in my industry, among the assortment of various items that are typical to all of our duffel bags; the perfume, glitter, full arsenal of makeup and hair products, are a few unlikely tools that are vital to our trade.
With it’s multitude of purposes, there’s every dancer’s number one essential; baby wipes. Especially on those busy nights where it seems like we’re running back and forth between the stage, the floor, and dances with hardly a moment to catch our breath. But when those moments do finally present themselves, a quick once-over with a wipe is priceless. And at the end of the night when we have finally peeled off our heels, gotten into our sweatpants and thrown up our hair, taking a wipe to the layers upon layers of makeup on our faces is like the cigarette after sex

Also included in every dancer’s inventory are the various necessary adhesives. Nail glue, should we be wearing plastics and have one pop off throughout the course of our evening. Eyelash glue for our extravagently long, full fakes. Super glue for repairs, should the grips on the bottoms of our shoes begin to peel up and off. And of course, hair glue. 

Which leads us to our final weapon in the stripper arsenal, which is found in bulk in any given dressing room on any given night. HAIR. Yes, hair. Black, brown, blonde, red, synthetic, human, remy, yaki, tracks, braids, fusion, clip-ins…yards upon yards of hair. Apart from the lucky few who already have long, luxurious locks, our hair extensions provide the finishing touch to our stripper ensemble.
And with all these things in hand, we are equipped and prepared for our evening inside the four walls of our world of glamour and fantasy. 


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